The integration of academia in the precision medicine value-chain is a key-goal of the PRECISION MEDICINE ALLIANCE – only by integrating academia the precision medicine value-circle will work: 
  • PRECISION MEDICINE will aggregate, integrate and anlyze biological information, drawing on vast collections of data to produce health advice and predictions, and disease diagnosis, tailored to the individual
  • PRECISION MEDICINE will be enabled by a computional information commons, within which correlations produce a knowledge network, generating new hypothesis, illuminating mechanisms of disease, and etstablishing links between diseases thought to be unrelated
  • PRECISION MEDICINE will revolutionize development and deployment of therapies, as well as principles of clinical practice, by allowing all stakeholders to benefit from and participate in the research

The Precision Medicine value-circle:

  • The Integration: Aggregate and analyze biological information by incorporating concepts and technologies of physical sciences, engineering and computer science
  • The Working Continuum: From fundamental discovery, to translation, to clinical research, to clinical practice, to citiziens – „from bench to bedside & from bedside to bench and society“

(Source: Keith Yamamoto, UCSF)

All PRECISION MEDICINE ALLIANCE Initiatives for ACADEMIA as Workshops, Conferences, Summer Schools etc. will be held in English for the reason of synchronized international impact equally for all academic institutions worldwide. The global Language of Medicine is English.