The PRECISION MEDICINE ALLIANCE (PMA) is an patient centered international multi-professional, multi-sectorial and multi-stakeholder platform to establish a silo-free sustainable value-based Precision Medicine Community. PMA welcomes all stakeholders: individuals, profit and non-profit organizations as well as academic health sciences institutions. We are open to all individual health supporters, patients, health sciences professionals, students, hospitals, health-networks, healthcare insurances, pharma- & biotech-companies as well as all precision medicine suppliers as IT-services and IT-solutions providers, investors and consultants.

With your membership you give the commitment to create measurable value for the patient for his better individual outcome, for a better outcome of our health systems and for a better society. PMA offers an insider’s advantage for its member’s leadership in medicine, science, management & entrepreneurship, politics and reimbursement. All members and stakeholders come together at our yearly PRECISION MEDICINE ALLIANCE CONFERENCE in Berlin in the context of the World Health Summit Berlin to have an insider access and exchange of state-of-the-art knowledge.


Networking and Educating

Safe Harbour meetings to focus on issues related to the development of best practice standard operating procedures to achieve best outcome quality for the patient. Participants will establish a deep understanding of the precision medicine value chain to maintain the highest integrity of “biological samples” and “clinical data” of every patient. The meetings are a crossover of biology and information technology as well as data ethics to implement scalable and sustainable Precision Medicine solutions for patients and societies.

Round table think tanks to share best practices and best standards by preparing white consensus papers to deliver precision medicine to our patients and healthcare systems by building an interdisciplinary Framework “Towards Precision Medicine”. Participate in the implementation of “PMC – Precision Medicine Centers” of Excellence as shared medical hubs designed and operated by “International Precision Medicine Industry Standards” to implement the Precision Medicine Value-Chain into the diagnostic and therapeutic processes of hospital providers and other medical networks.

Technical Leadership to receive early access to latest science, newest innovations of Precision Medicine suppliers, providing a flexible PMA implementation framework for authentic interoperability of modular connected solutions and systems from precision medicine suppliers in the precision medicine value-chain; to standardize and validate precision medicine biology and data to ensure its usefulness to clinicians in the precision medicine diagnostic and therapeutic process.


Bridging and Advocating

Transatlantic Bridging and Global Bridging for Value-based Precision Medicine to directly connect all stakeholders to implement PRECISION MEDICINE FIRST into the medical and clinical world for the better individual outcome for every patient and a sustainable performance of our healthcare systems by implementing value-based solutions. PMA acts as a dialogue bridge between all stakeholders to synchronize all efforts and to coordinate consensus dialogues.

Political and Reimbursement Bridge by synchronizing White Papers for value-based Precision Medicine, data sharing protocols, patient data security and data ethics in the national and international political value-based precision medicine framework and reimbursement process with participation of all stakeholders.

Recognition as a Leader & Advocate in Precision Medicine to develop the PMA thought leadership on public policy and government affairs to create favorable markets and positive regulatory climates to increase the demand for value based precision medicine.

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