The Death Of “One Size Fits Many” Care Models

Precision medicine promises a paradigm shift in care delivery. Applying precision medicine to the mainstream clinical workflow will eventually facilitate more predictive and preventive care by bringing better targeted therapies. By augmenting the process for differential diagnosis, clinicians can mitigate many of the inefficiencies that currently encumber care optimization.

Those inefficiencies such as false positives, false negatives, unnecessary treatments and over- or under-medication all have financial and quality-of-care ramifications.

Figure 1 shows the paradigm shift in treatment approaches:

Source: Frost & Sullivan -Figure 1: New Paradigm Shift in Treatment

Look at five key trends shaping this transformation.

1. Unreasonable cost of trial-and-error medicine makes precision medicine imperative for targeted therapies

2. Scientific and technological advances in the genomics field mean that cost and time are no longer a barrier for precision medicine

3. The precision medicine focus goes beyond oncology: new companion diagnostic (CDx) and biomarkers for non-oncology therapeutic areas

4. Precision medicine will harness healthcare big data to elevate preventive care for chronic disease management

5. Precision medicine will boost the healthcare consumerism moment

Source: Forbes Magazine in Pharma & Healthcare, MAR 8, 2017