Precision Medicine Suppliers

Only those Precision Medicine Suppliers that understand technology and the goals of value-based healthcare are able to create value in the precision medicine value-chain by offering value-based solutions and platforms to interpret and connect data points.

There are a number of technology companies who work in the field of precision medicine and more will be founded in the years to come. The US is the dominate driving force, but also in Europe, Israel, Asia you will find entrepreneurship for precision medicine.

The goal of the PRECISION MEDICINE ALLIANCE is to connect those precision medicine suppliers to the precision medicine value-chain to close the bridge to the clinical and scientific field for an optimal measurable outcome for patients .


West Coast

  1. KineMed has patented analytical biomarkers capture key rates of molecular change that are critical to identifying target engagement and enable the tracking of disease modifying processes across a broad spectrum of diseases.
  2. Advanced Cell Diagnostics is a molecular pathology company developing cell- and tissue-based diagnostic tests for personalized medicine.
  3. Syapse is based in Palo Alto and provides a precision medicine data platform for health providers to use molecular profiling to diagnose and treat patients.
  4. Also Palo Alto-based, Centrillion Biosciences has a technology for genomics and DNA analyses to support personalized medicine, life sciences research and bioinformatics.
  5. Epic Sciences has an application to improve cancer management by providing real-time biopsy material to guide personalized medicine.
  6. San Diego-based Ignyta tries to catalyze personalized medicine in autoimmune diseases.
  7. Mountain View-based Eve Biomedical helps with a biotechnology solution that enable genomic and personalized medicine. In short, it is high speed, low cost gene sequencing equipment for medical applications.
  8. Sctheranostics helps with accelerating therapeutic discovery and enables personalized medicine through the use of patient-derived cell models.
  9. Kuraoncology is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company advancing a pipeline of precision medicines for the treatment of solid tumors and blood cancers.
  10. Genoptix is a Carlsbad, CA, based company providing specialized oncology diagnostic services to community-based hematologists and oncologists.
  11. Adaptive Biotechnologies in Seattle, WA, is the pioneer and leader in combining high-throughput sequencing and expert bioinformatics to profile T-cell and B-cell receptors.
  12. ASHION Patient Centered Precision Medicine in Phoenix, AZ, is a CAP accredited and CLIA-certified clinical genomics testing laboratory committed to accelerating the adoption of precision medicine in mainstream oncology, leveraging years of scientific and clinical experience.
  13. EPIC SCIENCES in San Diego, CA
  14. HTG Molecular in Tucson, AZ
  15. illumina in San Diego, CA
  16. invivoscribe in San Diego, CA
  17. nanoString in Seattle, WA
  18. Natera in San Carlos, CA
  19. OncoMed in Redwood City, CA
  20. Roche Sequencing in Pleasanton, CA
  21. Bina Technologies in Belmont, CA
  22. Ariosa Diagnostics in San Jose, CA
  23. Counsyl in South San Francisco, CA
  24. cynvenio in Westlake Village, CA
  25. Data4Cure in La Jolla, CA
  26. DNAnexus in San Francisco, CA
  27. Genecloud by Intertrust in Sunnyvale, CA
  28. Open Medicine Institute in Mountain View, CA
  29. Personalis in Palo Alto, CA
  30. Seven Bridges Genomics in San Francisco, CA
  31. trovagene in San Diego, CA
  32. XIFIN in San Diego, CA
  33. Biocept in San Diego, CA
  34. BIO-RAD in Hercules, CA
  35. color in South San Francisco, CA
  36. Complete Genomics a BGS Company in San Jose, CA
  37. GenoLogics a illumina company in Redwood City, CA
  38. Genomic Health in Redwood City, CA
  39. Guardant Health in Redwood City, CA
  40. Immunexpress in Seattle, WA
  41. INanoBio in Tempe, AZ
  42. LifeMap Sciences in Alameda, CA
  43. Translational Software in Seattle, CA
  44. TWIST Bioscience in San Francisco, CA
  45. 10xGENOMICS in San Francisco, CA
  46. Agena BIOSCIENCE in San Diego, CA
  47. HELIX working out of the Bay Area and San Diego, CA
  48. INVITAE in San Francisco, CA
  49. VINOME in Healdsburg, CA
  50. EPIBIOME Precision Microbiome Engineering in South San Francisco, CA
  51. genomeMEDICAL in Monterey, CA
  52. Mission Bio in San Francisco, CA
  53. FABRIC GENOMICS in Oakland, CA
  54. Primity Bio in Fremont, CA
  55. scientist in Solana Beach, CA
  56. Vortex Biosciences in Menlo Park, CA
  57. Precision Med – Human Biological Material – in Solana Beach, CA
  58. 23andme – in Mountain View, CA
  59. Verge Genomics in San Francisco, CA
  60. Verily Life Sciences (Google Life Sciences), CA
  62. edico genome in San Diego, CA
  63. Caribou Biosciences in Berkley, CA
  64. Cryoport in Irvine, CA
  65. Cellgen Diagnostics in Irvine, CA

East Coast

  1. Precipio Diagnostics a cancer diagnostics reference laboratory helps with an advanced diagnostics approach, advice and personalized medicine.
  2. Boston-based Inform Genomics creates solutions for personalized medicine products for cancer supportive care and inflammatory diseases.
  3. Cambridge-base Miramix aims high and wants to kick start the revolution toward personalized medicine.
  4. Enumeral Biomedical in New York uses a nanotechnology-enabled process for therapeutic discovery and immune profiling.
  5. Population Diagnostics wants to develop DNA-based diagnostics and sophisticated personalized medicine tests.
  6. New York-based Genterpret is a startup backed by the Blueprint Health startup accelerator, and crowdsources genetic and clinical datasets to advance personalized medicine.
  7. Located in Philadelphia, Rosetta Genomics is a company that aims at the discovery, the development and commercialization of diagnostic testing for personalized medicine.
  8. Translational Software’s software for personalized medicine is a service that provides a leading-edge knowledgebase of pharmacogenetics guidance and tools that integrate it into the clinical workflow.
  9. Foundation Medicine in Cambridge, MA,  is leading a transformation in cancer care, where each patient’s treatment is informed by a deep understanding of the molecular changes that contribute to their disease.
  10. Orion Health in Boston, MA, is a global healthcare platform advancing Integration, Population Health Management and Precision Medicine solutions across the entire health community.
  11. Metabolon in Durham, NC, is the global leader in metabolomics, a powerful phenotyping technology for advancing biomarker discovery, diagnostic testing and precision medicine.
  12. PMC Personalised Medicine Coalition in Washington, DC, representing innovators, scientists, patients, providers and payers, promotes the understanding and adoption of personalized medicine concepts, services and products to benefit patients and the health system.
  13. Q2Solutions in Morrisville, NC
  14. ThermoFischerScientific in Waltham, MA
  15. CLARITAS GENOMICS in Cambridge, MA
  16. GENOSPACE in Cambridge, MA
  17. Metamark in Waltham, MA
  18. N-of-One in Concord, MA
  19. RainDance Technologies in Boston, MA
  20. SERES Therapeuitcs in Cambridge, MA
  21. BD in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
  22. BioMarker Strategies in Rockville, MD
  23. Gene Centric in Research Triangle Park, NC
  24. SeraCare Life Sciences in Milford, MA
  25. Transgenomic in New Haven, CT
  26. GNS HEALTHCARE in Cambridge, MA
  27. GoodStartGenetics in Cambridge, MA
  28. Jounce THERAPEUTICS in Cambridge, MA
  29. REGENERON in Tarrytown, NY
  30. FLATIRON in New York, NY
  31. Phosphorus in New York, NY
  32. T.A. Sciences in New York, NY
  33. SCIEX in Framingham, MA
  34. Core Informatics in Branford, CT
  35. MolecularMD in Cambridge, MA
  36. BROAD INSTITUTE in Cambridge, MA
  37. IBM Watson for Genomics in New York, NY
  38. Veritas Genetics in Danvers, MA
  39. Quest Diagnostics in Madison, NJ
  40. Intellia THERAPEUTICS in Cambridge, MA

Central US

  1. 4D Healthware is a Chicago-based patient engagement software that makes personalized medicine possible through a connected data approach.
  2. Everist Health has developed a new technology called Evolver—a machine learning technique that produces mathematical models that describe a dataset based on what specific questions are being asked about that dataset.
  3. GenomOncology enables precision medicine by translating next generation sequencing data into actionable information.
  4. Cellular Dynamics International produces stem cell technologies for drug development and personalized medicine applications.
  5. Kailos Genetics has a proprietary technology that combines two discrete targeting steps and enzymatic degradation to efficiently capture difficult to design regions. It allows users to focus sequencer capacity on the regions of interest.
  6. Microarrays develops products that allows to microarray data for applications in testing, diagnostics, and personalized medicine.
  7. Atlanta-based PHIGENIX wants to leverage licensed patented technology to establish a strong first-mover advantage in precision medicine.
  8. Precision for Medicine is a specialized scientific services company supporting life science innovators to develop medical products.
  9. NeoDiagnostix works with cancer genomics to lead the field of precision medicine.
  10. Genomind is a personalized medicine company in neuropsychiatry.
  11. Permedly connects doctors & personalized medicine solutions via a software platform, and wants to change the way health care providers do business by centralizing doctor access to treatment options.
  12. Appistry in St. Louis, MO, is simplifying the analysis of next-generation sequencing data.
  13. CARIS Life Sciences in Irving, TX
  14. 2bPrecise in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  15. ARCHER in Boulder, CO
  16. Integrated DNA Technologies Executive Office in Skokie, Illinois
  17. PATH-TEC in Midland, GA
  18. SomaLogic in Boulder, CO
  19. COFACTOR Genomics in St. Louis, MO
  20. NeoGenomics Laboratories in Fort Myers, FL
  21. TriMetis in Memphis, TN
  22. ancestry in Lehi, UT


Sera Care

Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Support Community



TRANS-HIT BIO Worldwide Biospecimen Access in Laval, Canada

Deep Genomics in Toronto, Canada


EUROPE – Precision Medicine Suppliers

  1. ALACRIS in Berlin, Germany
  2. Analytics Engines in Belfast, Northern Irland, United Kingdom
  3. ANGLE plc in Guilford, United Kingdom
  4. Base4 Innovation in Cambridge, United Kingdom
  5. BIOCARTIS in Mechelen, Belgium
  6. Blueprint Genetics in Helsinki, Finland
  7. Centogene
  8. Definiens AG in Munich, Germany
  9. DNAlytics in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
  10. GATC Biotech
  11. Genomics England in London, United Kingdom
  12. Inivata in Cambridge, United Kingdom
  13. inomics in Lyngby (Copenhagen), Denmark
  14. LifeCodexx
  15. Linguamatics in Cambridge, United Kingdom
  16. CeGaT
  17. Neo New Oncology
  18. Indivumed in Hamburg, Germany
  19. Sophia Genetics in Saint Sulplice, Switzerland
  20. Molecular Health in Heidelberg, Germany
  21. OncoDNA in Gosselies, Belgium
  22. ONCOMPASS in Schindellegi, Switzerland
  23. Oncodesign in Dijon, France
  24. Congenica in Cambridge, United Kingdom
  25. RANDOX in Crumlin, United Kingdom
  26. ScreenCell in Sarcelles, France
  27. Signature Diagnostics AG in Potsdam, Germany
  28. STRATIFIED MEDICINE SCOTLAND in Glasgow, United Kingdom
  29. Qiagen in Hilden, Germany
  30. in Dublin, Ireland & in Brussels, Belgium
  31. DAYTWO in Israel
  32. LifeLength in Madrid, Spain
  33. FibroTx in Tallinn, Estonia
  34. Welcome Trust Sanger Institute in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
  35. Futura Genetics in Prague, Czech Republic
  36. DeCODE in Reykjavík, Iceland
  37. Rosetta Genomics in Rehovot, Israel
  38. Nanopore Technologies in Oxford, United Kingdom
  39. CRISPR Therapeutics in Basel, Switzerland
  40. CRYOBANK24 in Hamburg, Germany
  41. Genohm in Lausanne, Switzerland


MIDDLE EAST, ASIA, AFRICA, AUSTRALIA – Precision Medicine Suppliers

  1. BGI in Shenzhen, China
  2. MITRA BIOTECH in Benaluru, India
  3. ACT Genomics in Taipei City, Taiwan
  4. Strand Life Sciences in Bangalore, India
  5. Novogene in Beijing, China
  6. MyDNA in South Yarra, Australia