PRECISION MEDICINE ALLIANCE, founded in Berlin, is an international network-alliance Towards Precision Medicine connecting

  • Patients,
  • Medical Doctors,
  • Hospital Providers,
  • Healthcare Insurances,
  • Precision Medicine Suppliers,
  • Pharmaceutical Companies,
  • Academia and
  • Students

on its value-based platform to implement PRECISION MEDICINE FIRST in the medical and clinical world for a better individual outcome for every patient and a sustainable performance of our healthcare systems.

Only creating value for the patient is the solution.

150 years ago Virchow at the Charité in Berlin declared looking through the microscope the age of cellular patholgy. When in 2000 the first Humane Genome was sequenced the new age of molecular pathology and molecular medicine was born and the pardigm shift towards precision medicine started.

Steve Jobs – the founder of Apple – said: „The next global innovation wave will come out of the crossover between biology and information technology“, in other words „Value-based Precision Medicine is Biology first, IT second“.

Due to advanced next-generation-sequencing technologies the price for the first whole genome sequencing by Craig Venter & the Human Genome Project of about 3 Billion $ in 2000 is falling faster than Moor`s Law in IT predicts. Since 2016 NGS-Whole Genome Sequencing costs less than 1.000 $. Today molecular pathology is on its way to become part of the standard diagnostics and clinical routines. Allowing millions of patients for the first time in modern medical history to get their individual precise molecular diagnosis to end the age of imprecise medicine and to start the age of individually tailored therapies to optimize value-based patient outcomes:

Source: „Towards Precision Medicine“, National Academy of Sciences (USA)

The molecularisation and digitalization of medicine with all the new technologies

  • Wireless Sensors
  • Genomics, Transcriptomics, Proteomics, Metabolomics, Epigenomics
  • Imaging
  • Information Systems
  • Mobile connectivity and bandwidth
  • Internet
  • Social Networking
  • Growing computer power
  • Big Data performance

together enable a Super Convergence (Source: Eric Topol) towards Precision Medicine and Regenerative Medicine making medicine totally transparent to bring value to every patient – the result is the Democratization of Medicine that will optimize the performance and the outcome for every patient.

Today empowered patients and societies are using approx. 8 billion cell- and smartphones and are together with the IT-Industry the new stakeholders and driving forces in the health sciences industry.

Science, medicine and medical systems are in transformation, welcoming the new era of molecular pathology and molecular therapy empowerd by information technology. What we call this new era of “SILICON VALLEY MEDICINE” (Henri M. von Blanquet in “Die Neuvermessung der Gesundheitswirtschaft”, Springer 2017).

Around the globe, regulators and payers are more and more demanding robust evidence to demonstrate value and validated outcomes for patients and society. Large provider systems are bearing higher risks and consumers are shouldering the increasing cost of care. As these trends escalate, there is a mounting pressure for change.

PRECISION MEDICINE ALLIANCE helps you to navigate towards value-based solutions for patients.


Where are we now?

Imprecise Medicine and Barriers to Progress

The current „taxonomy of disease“ is a barrier to progress (Source: Keith R. Yamamoto, UCSF, USA):

  • Descriptive: Disease classifictaion is based predominantly on symptoms and organs.
  • Inflexible: Creates rigid silos in research, diagnosis & therapy, education and funding.
  • Narrow: No natural fit for new fundamental discoveries; no rationale for building continium of research and clinical care.

Don’t forget that the “normal” Biology is complicated, therefore disease, as a deviation from health, is similary complex. We need an integrated understanding of the new multiple molecular levels and the “traditional” levels of medicine to deeply understand the individual diseases on multiple levels to bring tailored diagnostic and therapy to the individual.

The traditional „one-fits-all“ pharma concept delivers value only to a small subgroup of patients – this Imprecise Medicine is absolutly non-ethical in our modern societies and damages the lives of patients and national economies in the billions of dollars:


For every person they do help (blue) the ten highest growing drugs in the USA fail to improve the conditions of 3 to 24 people (red):

Source: 610 | NATURE | VOL 520 | 30 APRIL 2015


Today medicine is moving through an inflection point as described by Eric Topol’s Super Convergence. Based on technology and synchronically by integrating and developing a working continuum to create a precision medicine value-chain.

The PRECISION MEDICINE ALLIANCE respects the Leadership of Keith R. Yamamoto (UCSF) as a driving mind towards precision medicine. In his lecture on YouTube you will find a complete picture of the transformation process: OVERVIEW ON PRECISION MEDICINE

Source: Keith R. Yamamoto in “Overview of Precision Medicine” in University of California Television (UCTV).

  • The Integration: Aggregate and analyze biological information, incorporating concepts and technologies of physical sciences, engineering and computer science
  • The Working Continuum: From fundamental discovery, to translation, to clinical research, to clinical practice, to citiziens – „from bench to bedside & from bedside to bench and society“
  • The Super Convergence: From Imprecision to Precision Medicine (Eric Topol „The Creative Destruction of Medicine – How the digital revolution will create better healthcare“


Precision Medicine will change all our lives:



  • PRECISION MEDICINE will aggregate, integrate and analyze biological information, drawing on vast collections of data to produce health advice and predictions, and disease diagnosis, tailored to the individual
  • PRECISION MEDICINE will be enabled by computional information commons, within which correlations produce a knowledge network, generating new hypothesis, illuminating mechanisms of disease, and etstablishing links between diseases thought to be unrelated
  • PRECISION MEDICINE will revolutionize development and deployment of therapies, as well as principles of clinical practice, by allowing all stakeholdres to benefit from and participate in the research, health and health industry

(Source: Keith Yamamoto, UCSF)

The multilayer value-chain of the Precision Medicine Alliance-Platform:


PRECISION MEDICINE will be organized in database-layers like Google Maps

 Source: „Towards Precision Medicine“, National Academy of Sciences (USA).


PRECISION MEDICINE ALLIANCE delivers value-based services and solutions for patients, medical doctors, hospital providers, healthcare insurances, precision medicine suppliers, pharma, academia and students.

Only together we will create sustainable value for patients: PRECISION MEDICINE FIRST

PRECISION MEDICINE ALLIANCE invites all leaders around the world from e.g. California as one of the driving hubs and leading minds to be part of our ALLIANCE to scale precision medicine concepts around the globe moving Towards Precision Medicine:

“Five of the world’s twenty leading academic biosciences institutions are located here in California: UCSF, Berkeley, UCLA, Stanford and UC San Diego. Just as California led the way with stem cell research, so too can we pioneer the new field of precision medicine which uses genomes, medical devices, computer sciences and other fields to treat individual patients instead of broad populations.”

       California Gov Jerry Brown

       2014 State of the State Address

High performing precision medicine ecosystems will reduce healthcare costs. To achieve this Tipping Point in the transformation process the leadership of all stakeholders is needed to save our national health economies, our civilizations and our ethical believe-systems. Continuing on the level of permarnently rising healthcare costs caused by imprecise medicine will soon or later lead to the collapse all our healthcare systems worldwide. Towards Precision Medicine is a fundamental transformation of healthcare politics, national health economics and the traditional business models of the “old” stakeholders in the healthcare industry that will need to change.

The key driving force towards value-based precision medicine are our patients by democratization of health information on their fingertips via smartphones towards a totally transparent medicine.

We have to measure the medical outcomes in a global standardized setting – this is key in precision medicine. The PRECISION MEDICINE ALLIANCE promotes the value-based healthcare strategy of Michael Porter and his colleagues founding the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM) as non-profit organization: