Today, for a small number of cases precision medicine is mainly applied for late stage cancer patients. In most cases diagnosis and therapy has started with IMPRECISION MEDICINE ignoring often basic human rights. Though in reality we are just at the starting point of the molecular and digital transformation in healthcare it is key to empower patients with transparent information. We have to accelerate now to save patients lives: The PRECISION MEDICINE ALLIANCE (PMA) promotes PRECISION MEDICINE FIRST to build a very strong PRECISION HEALTH approach by organizing a sustainable outcome-oriented PMA-Cycle. Today the cycle starts with the molecular diagnosis of a tumor, tomorrow we want to be at the forefront towards precision prevention and precision health to start the PMA-Cycle. Reports about clinical cases indicate that when molecular diagnostic is applied at the very latest stage in the hospice even in these hopeless cases a precise treatment was found prolonging the patients live instead of letting him die. This unethical approach should be changed by developing a PRECISION HEALTH approach for a longer healthy life in aging societies and a sustainable performance of our health system – the PMA-Cycle needs to be directed new: